Beverly's Approach

Beverly is proud to offer exceptional in-home tutoring services to children functioning at K-4 academic levels. With years of experience in Special Education, she understands the importance of building a strong academic foundation for children. As a tutor who specializes in reading and written expression, she can help your child build strong literacy skills in a personalized way.

Beverly's instruction utilizes Orton-Gillingham, multi-sensory techniques including the highly effective Wilson Fundations and Preventing Academic Failure programs, to provide your child with the tools they need to succeed. Research-based, multisensory techniques and instruction are used to engage your child's senses and promote greater learning and retention.

Without a doubt, Beverly understands that every child learns differently, which is why she creates a customized curriculum for each of her students. Based on diagnostic screenings, individual instruction is tailored to meet your child's unique learning style and needs.

Of great importance to Beverly is developing a warm rapport with her students, and providing an atmosphere in which children feel comfortable and excited to learn. Additionally, she utilizes a variety of strategies such as games, manipulatives, online resources, and teacher-made materials to help children master skills in a fun and engaging way.

Beverly's goal is to help her students feel confident and capable as they witness their academic growth. She is committed to helping children build a foundation of lifelong learning and success.